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Directions to Pitelet from sortie no.30 of the autoroute A89/A72

· Exit the autoroute A89 at sortie number 30 - Please note that this is signposted 'Thiers centre'.if you are travelling west from Lyon and 'Thiers est' when travelling east from Clermont Ferrand.

· Immediately (about 100 metres) after passing through the toll payment station (péage) turn right signposted "Palladuc". The péage is unmanned but the machine accepts bank cards, cash in notes and coins and gives change.

· Follow this road through a small industrial estate for about 1 km (½ a mile) and turn right again signposted "Palladuc 4 kms".

· After approximately 2 kms (1 mile) you will reach a T-junction with the road D7. Turn left signposted "Palladuc".

· Follow the D7 until you reach another T-junction at Palladuc (there is a bar on your right). Turn right and almost immediately the road forks into two. Take the left-hand fork on the D201 signposted "La Guillermie".

· Follow the D201 for about 6 kms (4 miles). (Be careful not to be side-tracked to the right on to the D201a signposted "Les Etivaux" at one point).

· Pitelet is the first village you will come to. After the nameplate and in about 100 metres take the first available left turn down into the village.

· You will then see that the road appears to split into three. Take the middle way and bear left immediately after passing a building on your left. You will see some wooden garden gates and a white cross on the garden wall. Park outside the gates because you have arrived