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Wales is also a beautiful, mountainous region, but in our little country it is very difficult to find this deep quiet, the sense of vast expanses and the dark which is dark enough to see our home galaxy. Thank you A & G for making this tranquil escape available, along with a warm welcome, exquisite hospitality and attention to every detail to ensure a comfortable and relaxing stay for your visitors. A la prochaine - tan y tro nesaf.

Brilliant, perfect, a wonderful place to walk, think and write.

We had a great time in the gite and had great meals,, thanks to A and G. Thank you very much for your hospitality and we hope to return (second stay).

A beautiful experience, this stay at la maison de réflexion allowed us to know Andrée and Gary and also to learn a very family "English" ! .... Until we meet again !.....(translated from the original French)

We were overwhelmed by your hospitality. Just arrived and a dinner was served to welcome us. We had a very nice stay in "La maison". We, the little one for certain, and I think both of you too, will not forget how wet the water can be in an ancient (washing-place)! The Auvergne is a beautiful region and maybe we'll come back some day. Thanks for feeling us "at home" and we wish you all the best for the future.

Thank you for the nice stay in your lovingly furnished cottage. It was a nice week and who knows, maybe we will visit you again. (translated from the original German)

Dear A and G,
It was a fantastic 3 weeks enjoyed the peace, birds and sunshine. It is still there!
Thank you for your lovely care and friendship and the wonderful bed for Seppie ... how he will miss that.
Highly recommended good-natured house with all the trimmings ...... that is still possible!
Many dear greetings from us and goodbye. (translated from the original Dutch)

As always three wonderfully relaxing weeks in our "second home" on the mountain. After so many years new routes were discovered on our trips through the area. The versatility of this place remains unique. Rest if you want, and an abundance of activities in the neighbourhood if you need it. Delicious! I am already looking forward to our two weeks in October. (translated from the original Dutch)

Once again a relaxing and refreshing stay at the "maison de réflexion". As always, Andrée and Gary's hospitality is always so great with such warm welcome and enjoyable food. Till next time.

We were so relaxed when we left last year we forgot to write in the visitors' book! This really is a magical place and we love coming here. Always a very warm welcome from Gary and Andrée and we are sad to be leaving. So - until next time! xxxx

We had a wonderful week in your gite. When we arrived it was wet and chilly but soon the sun came and stayed. We really enjoyed being here and so did the twin dogs, they loved the garden and the village. The gite, the silence, the birds, the views and you A and G, your hospitality made our stay unforgettable. Maybe we will see each other again, we would love to.